Branding / Packaging

Samair is an international airline based in Egypt. The name is derived from the word Sama that means ‘sky’ or ‘blue’ in Arabic. The theme of the airline is a new beginning—an invitation to adventure. The main goal is to rejuvenate Egyptian tourism by introducing a comfortable and trusted airline to the market. The target audience is international tourists ages 30 to 45.

A scarab was chosen for the logo as a symbol of rebirth and regeneration. The main brand color is blue, which represents the sky, with teal and orange accents, traditional Egyptian colors. For cultural authenticity, traditional patterns were created that combined Egyptian motifs with a new, modern look. The same system is used for typography, where contemporary Plantin and Condara fonts are combined with the Arabian curves of Decora. The personality of the airline is modern and friendly but with an emphasis on conveying safety and trust. The brand combines Egyptian traditions with Western standards of travel.