RSA Conference


The RSA Conference is an international conference series on IT security that take place in the United States, Europe, Asia/Japan, and the United Arab Emirates. The target audience is young men with a technical background, ages 30-45. The design was created for the conference that took place in San Francisco in February 2017.

To make the conference stand out and to get attention from its modern tech audience, a custom typeface, Index Mono, was developed that combines a fresh contemporary look with computer-derived visuals. Purple and green colors are used for a fresh and memorable look. Many infographics and references to cryptography set the tone. The invitation has a unique fold that mirrors the forms of the typography to create a unique keepsake and functional piece. Most of the communication for the conference goes through the website and mobile application, a natural and familiar medium for this audience. The voice of the conference is loud, friendly conveying open-mindedness.