Currently, one out of every ten Native Americans dies from alcoholism. Nighan is a new non-profit rehabilitation center created to tackle this serious problem. Nignah means ‘your home’ in the language of the Navajo tribe—the largest Native American group. The goal of the center is to connect to Native Americans suffering from alcoholism and provide them with quality assistance in a familiar and comfortable environment.


To bring attention to the rehabilitation center, a website was created. It contains information about the center, as well as real stories from its patients. The website has a calm and relaxing feel. The main colors are green, one of the most important colors for Native Americans—representing nature and harmony, and brown, which represents self-discipline. The logotype, which reflects old Native American ornaments, is applied in a contemporary style. The website features an extensive selection of tribe language translations. Non-edited stories of patients make a huge impact, bringing an authentic, human voice to vital information.